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Fees & Insurance

Therapy and Consultation

If we are in-network for you, fees are based on contracted rate with your insurance provider. For out-of-network and self-pay, fees are as follows:

   Initial consultations (60 minutes) $150/ hr.
   Psychotherapy sessions (45-60 minutes) $130-$150/ hr.

   Family/ Couples (50-60 minutes) $150/ hr
   Consultation and School Visits; Please Call/ hr.


Psychological and Psycho-Educational Assessment

(Infants, Children, Teens, College Students, and Adults)


Fees for psycho-educational testing vary based on grade level. Please call our office for these rates. Fees for psychological testing vary. The number of hours or units needed will vary based on the individual needs and age of each patient. In most cases, insurance will cover some portions of psychological testing. However, medical insurance does not often cover assessment that is educational in nature.  If we are “in-network” with your insurance company, you can expect to have coverage for some parts of the evaluation. However, you will be expected to pay out of pocket for any non-covered assessment needs. We will provide you with an estimated out of pocket amount prior to the evaluation. If you choose not to use your insurance for privacy reasons or if we are “out of network” with your insurance provider, you will be expected to pay our assessment fees "out of pocket." We will provide required documentation for filing claims for reimbursement with your insurance company. For more information, please call for a free consultation.


Executive Functioning (EF)

(Children, Adolescents, and Adults)

Fees for executive function coaching will vary based on length of your sessions, the level of support needed between-sessions, and delivery of coaching services (e.g., individual, group). Please call our office for these rates. We offer hour-long weekly sessions, group sessions, and a customized 4-session  EF 101 package. In addition to the coaching time spent with clients, coaches provide additional support by connecting with the family a couple of times in between sessions by phone, text, or email to check-in and troubleshoot any concerns. Coaching is an investment in time and resources but one that is well worth it. 

Payment for Services

Payment is due in full at the time of service. Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). In cases of diagnostic evaluations, full payment is expected at time of service unless otherwise negotiated between you and your doctor. Checks should be made out to Healthy Minds Psychology Associates, Inc.


Some providers are in-network with major insurance carriers.


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