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Troy White

Healthy Minds Psychology Associates  // Clinician // Troy White

Troy White
Executive Functioning Coach

Troy White has a passion for helping students and young adults find tools and strategies that improve  their executive function skills and lead to more success in their lives. After graduating from Jacksonville  State University, Coach Troy was a small business owner for more than a decade, giving him valuable  experience to share with his clients about the skills and perseverance required to succeed in the business  world. Since selling his business, Coach Troy has taught in public as well as private schools for more than seven years. He lives in Marietta with his wife and 2 children. 

Coach Troy’s greatest asset as an Executive Function Coach is his personal experience with dyslexia his whole life. His teenage daughter also faces the challenges of dyslexia, so he understands that there is not a one-size-fits-all in solving and implementing executive function strategies. Coach Troy can’t wait to share tools and strategies that will be used to find success for students and young adults with or without  dyslexia. He is currently accepting in-person clients in our Dunwoody office as well as via telehealth.

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