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Julia Juechter, PhD

Clinical Psychometrist

Dr. Julia Juechter holds a MA in school counseling and a PhD in school psychology from Georgia State University. In addition to the school setting, she has also done clinical work and training in assessment and therapy at the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Dr. Juechter specializes in the assessment of autism and other developmental disorders, learning and intellectual disabilities, ADHD, and emotional and behavioral disorders. She has worked in school districts across the metro Atlanta area, and is well versed in special education law and educational supports offered in schools, and special education requirements for eligibility for special education services. She is available for consulting and coaching with parents regarding the process for obtaining additional support for students who are struggling through special education, IEP meetings, a 504 plan, a SST, or targeted instruction in the general education classroom.  

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