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We strive to provide you with a superior experience here at Healthy Minds and this means selecting well-trained clinicians and ensuring the highest quality service to our patients. Our patient-centered approach is critical to our success and we pride ourselves on excellence in every form. 
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Susan Crist, M.S. Ed.

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Susan Crist, M.S. Ed.

Executive Functioning Coach

About your Coach

Ms. Crist specializes in executive functioning skills coaching for students of all ages, as well as adults. With over twenty years of professional experience in an academic setting, she has worked closely with hundreds of children and their parents to achieve success in school and life. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from the University of South Florida and a Master of Science in educational psychology from Georgia State University.  Ms. Crist’s passion is to encourage parents and inspire students. She accomplishes this through attempting to understand each family’s situation, then implementing research-based best practices and practical, developmentally appropriate, customized action plans.  Ms. Crist has held numerous parent and teacher seminars and has led parent support groups throughout the southeastern United States. Ms. Crist lives in Gwinnett County and Lakemont, Georgia, with her husband. They have two grown daughters.  


What is Executive Functioning (EF)

EF skills act as an air traffic controller or orchestra conductor in the brain, directing thoughts toward behaviors that are crucial for academic and social success. The primary EF skills are identified as: Working Memory, Self-Monitoring,  Organization, Planning & Prioritizing, Impulse Control, Task Initiation/Completion, Mental Flexibility, and Time Management.


How to get Started

With offices in Tucker and Dunwoody, Susan provides one-on-one executive function coaching using evidence-based best practices. Through coaching, Susan teaches students how to organize, plan for tests/assignments, prioritize, manage timemaintain focus, access recall of important information, and study more effectively. Similarly, in working with adults, she helps to process daily demands and suggests ways to be more effective and productive at work and at home. To discuss personal Executive Function coaching for you or your child, please contact Ms. Crist at 770.375-8124 or

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